Driver Education Key to ELD Rollout

by Aimee Horner on Feb 28, 2018 2:59:07 PM

Delayed Enforcement

December 18, 2017 was the official deadline of the ELD mandate, but rumblings dropped immediately about an unofficial grace period that many law enforcement departments have adopted to allow companies and drivers some additional time to make sure they are fully compliant. While the FMCSA has issued exceptions to the ELD mandate since December, enforcement agencies will begin to enforce fines and other restrictions for drivers that fail to be compliant starting in April. While the staggered enforcement has had some benefits to drivers, the fact that is not being enforced consistently has caused some confusion. The grace period will allow drivers, and field officers to better understand the rules. Companies that adopted ELD solutions well before the April 2018 enforcement deadline have time to fully train their drivers to ensure they are, indeed, compliant to avoid fines and restrictions.

Deployment Considerations

As a result of this confusion, many companies  have decided to delay installing an ELD solution until the very last moment, which could result in significant fines and driving restrictions. Deployment of an ELD solution should not be underestimated, many drivers are not used to the rigid workflows and will need time to adjust.  Training is required to successfully onboard an organization and waiting until the last minute could ultimately result in a complete shutdown. It can take several months to fully deploy an ELD solution, and even longer if drivers are currently using a paper log system. Companies who do not fully train their drivers risk creating gaps in their compliance due to misuse of the ELD technology.

Driver Training is Important

ELD adoption is a big investment. It is important to partner with a company that understands your workflow and can provide the necessary support to drivers in order to make sure there are no gaps in compliance. Although the ELD mandate has been highly debated, companies that are already up to speed are seeing tremendous benefits in productivity and efficiency. In fact, well trained drivers using ELDs save an estimated 20-40 minutes per day, compared to paper logs, adding around 50 hours per year to their drive time.

Trimble ELD Training Available

To help drivers and organizations understand the ELD solution, Trimble has rolled out a successful driver education program through its virtual instructor led training classes. These live sessions allow drivers to learn about the mandate and how to navigate the ELD application to ensure there are no compliance gaps and to maximize their productivity and driving time. The sessions also allow drivers to ask questions and get more familiar with using the Trimble FieldMaster Logs application.

To register for and view our latest Trimble ELD and FieldMaster Logs education sessions, visit

Trimble ELD Quick Guide

For more information on the ELD Mandate, download our ELD Quick Guide below. 



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