Trimble Launches Tap & Go for ELD - A Webinar

by Brant Carter on Sep 11, 2018 7:25:58 AM

Last week, we hosted a webinar to demonstrate our new Tap & Go functionality for ELD login in action. We showcased the latest improvements to Trimble FieldMaster Logs and demonstrated how our new login process enables instant login with the touch of an NFC card or keychain, making it quick and easy for drivers to access and start their ELD workflow.

tap-and-go-1The ELD Mandate

We firstly kicked things off with an update on the ELD Mandate, which is still in a transition period. A lot of customers are still using AOBRD systems while others have adopted ELD devices ahead of the 2019 deadline. In the past 6 months, we have spent a lot of time talking to those customers that have transitioned to find out about their roll out experiences so far.

A common theme is that ELD technology has been difficult for the drivers. The FMCSA has created some confusion around the stage enforcement and has not been too clear with field inspectors on what to expect. This has caused some customers to become exasperated, particularly those that are new to HoS tracking. For drivers that hadn’t used any systems before or were used to paper-based systems, they have struggled with the transition more than others.

The key thing that these drivers often tell us is that the system is a lot less flexible. By its nature an electronic system that has got very specific rules is going to be more ridged. The requirements force that rigidity on to the drivers and that’s taking a bit of time to adjust to.

FieldMaster Logs Updates

We’ve been keeping up with the changes to the ELD Mandate and have been pushing updates out to address many of those. The major requirement we found among customers was the need to improve driver experience.

The need to improve driver experience

When the ELD mandate came into effect, the priority was on ensuring compliance, but now the emphasis for ELD systems is on simplifying the process, improving driver workflows and making the driver adoption process as easy as possible. Why? Because drivers are often using multiple vehicles during the day; or leaving their vehicles to perform a job. They do not have time to spend on time-stealing ELD admin. They need to get on with their work so that they can optimize productivity.

Many ELD solutions on the market today require drivers to log in before they are able to track their hours of service. However, this driver login procedure can be time consuming and complex and the productivity of drivers is at a detriment because of it. While having a level of security is essential, having complex log in credentials, whereby drivers must manually input lengthy usernames and passwords can cause frustration. Drivers are likely to forget their passwords while others find it difficult to input the details correctly on smaller devices.

tap and goIntroducing Tap & Go

We have made advances to rectify this problem and streamline the login process. Trimble now offer the simple option of using NFC enabled technology to log in to the system and start the ELD workflow with just one tap. The technology is similar to Apple Pay and there are a wide range of options for drivers including; existing NFC employee ID cards, keychains, badge cards or dime-sized stickers, which can be attached to a wallet or driver’s license.

This technology was designed to not only reduce the time it takes to get started; but also to eliminate extra administration. Many NFC tags are self-administered, meaning that drivers themselves can set up the cards directly from the tablet.

 To find out more about Tap & Go and to view a demonstration, watch the Webinar here: 




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